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Dr. Csaba L. Magassy is one of the Washington area’s best-known and most highly regarded plastic surgeons. His practice of cosmetics has attracted patients from all over the world. Dr. Magassy’s well-deserved reputation is of an outstanding ability to combine the discipline of the surgical science with the practiced judgment and aesthetic perception so necessary to excel as a premier plastic surgeon.

Dr. Magassy has helped thousands of people reach their cosmetic goals. He has performed every cosmetic surgical procedure many times over, and brings to each patient the ability to discuss and fully explain all the options possible to reach the desired result. The choice of technique and how far to take a procedure is yours. How reassuring it is to know that this doctor can offer solid advice based on more than twenty years of experience in bringing beauty to nature. Together, you and he can make the decision of what procedure and how much change should be used to achieve the balanced, pleasing effect that reflects nature’s most beautiful work.