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Zizania Diet & Nutrition Coaching....When choosing the large things in life—like homes, cars, education—we do research and seek out quality. But when it comes to eating, we too often choose by convenience and price. What we put in our bodies shapes how we feel, how we age, and what kind of body and ailments we will have in the future. There is no greater investment.

Zizania provides coaching in diet and nutrition for individuals who want to live a better life. Some of our clients are suffering from obesity, Lupus, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer. Some want to lower their footprint on the environment. Some simply want to change their diet to achieve optimal health.

Our coaches teach our clients a new way to buy and prepare food. We show you how to prepare delicious, easy, and quick every day meals that are nutritious and affordable. Vitamins, proteins and fiber should come from food rather than supplements; our bodies are well equipped to digest food but are inefficient at metabolizing nutrients contained in pills.

We work closely with our customers to create customized meals that satisfy both their hunger and their taste buds. We provide our customers with tools to achieve and maintain their goals. We put a plethora of information at our customers’ finger tips, but we never forget that personal guidance and understanding is key. One-on-one support is free of charge to everyone participating in our program.

Zizania specializes in Diet consulting, Cooking Instructions, Customized Recipes, Child Nutrition Weight Management, Diabetes, Lupus, Digestive Disorders, Disease Prevention, Post Gastric Bypass Surgery Nutrition....